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Hello World- Meet PJay!

Right in the middle of a conversation she may just break out in song and a sudden silence may cause her to giggle nervously.  Her deep brown eyes sparkle making a serious conversation occasionally challenging.  Your first conversation with her will be as organic as your most recent one with a friend of 20 years.


Her love of family (especially her late Father) will let you in just a bit, on her immediate circle from which she draws purpose, creativity and resolve.  Her Vision as an artist is focused without being pushy, inclusive without discounted her own meaning, and lovingly instructive creating admirers and new friends along the way.  She effortlessly makes others better!      


But don’t underestimate the soulful actor, singer, and choreographer.  The progeny of proud southern parents, yet California born and bred, she’s a remarkable combination of comfortable-in-her-own-skin talent. No Diva, no entourage, no pretentiousness.  Just talent, hard work, sacrifice and a deep understanding of the commitment required for getting the job done.  This is PJay!








She is a multi-talented international performer and choreographer most recently known for her sultry headlining performance during the Cannes film festival in France. 

Professional training in fine arts has afforded Pjay many opportunities in the entertainment industry as well as residence performances abroad, including in Morocco (Hotel Palace owned by the King Of Morocco), Paris, Taiwan, Canada and Italy just to name a few. 

Pjay’s performance and choreography repertoire includes Jimmy Kimmel ('Sketch Comedy') Theatreworks ('Caroline or Change'[critics circle award best Musical] and ('Crowns'),Center Theatre Group (The Christians), Willows Theatre ('Aida' and 'The Wiz'), American Musical Theatre, ('Dreamgirls' and 'Grease'), Lorraine Hansberry Theatre ('Black Nativity,' 'Black and Blue,' 'Crumbs From The Table Of Joy,' and 'Eubie'), African American Cultural Arts ('The Josephine Baker Story'), Theatre On San Pedro Square ('8 Track'), SF Playwrights ('Every Tongue Must Confess') and Marin Theatre ('Beggar’s Holiday'). Other credits include corporate and other commercials, including Stanley Steamer, Auvi-Q, Tempurpedic, Walmart, Safeway, Doublemint Twins, Lantus, Riverock Casinoand Toyota. She recently performed at Yoshi's, a famous jazz venue in Oakland, receiving a standing ovation.
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